AIT-STEIN GROUP wins a contract for the design and manufacture of a cement works boiler

Rueil-Malmaison, 30 November, 2016

Being particularly involved in transforming thermal energy into electrical energy (waste to energy) in heavy industries like cement, AIT-STEIN GROUP has been entrusted with the design and manufacture of a direct exchange boiler to feed and ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle).


This impressive boiler, designed by AIT-STEIN GROUP, has the following characteristics: 15m long, 9m wide, and 33m high. It will allow heat recovery from the fumes from a cement works oven (fumes from the clinker cooler and the preheater), to produce steam from an organic fluid. This fluid will supply and ORC cycle directly to produce electricity. This principle of direct exchange with the ORC working fluid allows reduction not only of the investment, by deleting the intermediate fluid (steam, water, thermal oil) and the associated equipment, but also distinctly increasing the installation efficiency. So, over 11MW thermal are recovered and recycled as electrical energy.

Using fumes that are particularly difficult to manage due to their high dust content, this boiler will be equipped with a continuous cleaning system allowing uninterrupted operation, without needing stopping for cleaning, and providing maximum level of recovery throughout the life of the installation.

This new installation strengthens AIT-STEIN GROUP in its position as European leader on the cement works energy recovery market and in severe applications.


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