The AIT Group is well positioned in the Korean Market

Rueil-Malmaison, October 27, 2014

COMECO has received 2 orders in the last three months for the engineering and construction of boiler heat exchanger (Vaporizers and Superheaters).

These two orders, will be delivered to one of Korea’s largest boiler makers. They will be installing all of the heat recovery equipment on the industrial sites of one of Korea’s largest glass and chemical manufacturers, specialists in the production of flat glass (Float furnace), insulation, gypsum.

Together, these orders represent more than 70 tons of material! They are manufactured using COMECO’s process and are protected against corrosion and soot abrasion by finned cast iron sleeves. This process has proven itself in several harsh industrial applications for over 50 years.

These orders confirm the AIT Group’s established position in Korea which was initiated over 30 years ago by Air Industrie Thermique. Today, COMECO, which now manufactures all of the group’s Cast Iron/Steel tubes, maintains this position.

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AIT Group is the European market leader for energy recovery, heat exchange and rotating machine cooling.

We are equipped to solve the most complex problems in terms of heat exchange and to handle thermal and mechanical design of these equipments or more advanced systems.

Our group has already installed over 35,000 operational equipment systems in 120 countries since its creation in 1928.

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