CEMEX renews its confidence in AIT-STEIN GROUP

Rueil-Malmaison, 13 Novembre 2019

Following a call for tenders, CEMEX has renewed its confidence in DEFISA, a Spanish subsidiary of AIT-STEIN GROUP and a specialist in gas cleaning and industrial dust removal, which has successfully completed the commissioning of a bag filter and its components (fan, ducts, and stack).

Designed and manufactured in the group’s workshops located in Spain, this bag filter was installed on furnace n°2 of the CEMEX Group cement plant in Alcanar, Spain, to reduce dust emissions. The new filter will make it possible to reach levels lower than the regulatory ones. The post-filter dust level will be less than 5mg/Nm3.

With a weight of 80 tonnes, measuring 12.2 metres long and 12.5 metres wide by 8.5 metres high, this filter replaces the old electrostatic precipitator while reusing the existing hoppers and metal structures. It is equipped with a full insulation system including input and output registers. The bags measure 7 metres in length with a filtering surface of approximately 10,000 m2.

To maintain a constant airflow rate of approximately 424,000 m3 / h at 220°C, the filter is cleaned using pneumatic compressed air shocks (unclogging).

The smokestack is 32 metres high, weighs 13.5 tons with a diameter of 2.3 metres. It is made of stainless steel and discharges filtered air above the building.

This is one of the largest bag filters ever installed by the group, which now positions it as a trusted partner for its customers. Eight years ago, DEFISA manufactured and installed a bag filter with similar characteristics at CEMEX.

The engineering of the project began in 2016, which made it possible for installation and commissioning to be completed in a record time of 6 ½ months. For information, the installation and commissioning time for a similar project is approximately 20 months.

This installation is part of the environmental policy pursued by AIT-STEIN GROUP. With this new project, the group is strengthening its presence in the cement industry and its commitment to the protection of the planet.





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