High-efficiency boiler for Arjowiggins delivered successfully by AIT-STEIN GROUP

Rueil-Malmaison, 25 july 2017

STEIN ENERGY, a subsidiary of the AIT-STEIN GROUP, has secured a contract from DALKIA, a subsidiary of the EDF group, to design, build and supply a heat-recovery fire-tube type single-pass boiler with a water-tube type pre-furnace (SM1) behind a Centrax CX400 gas turbine with post-combustion running on ambient air and natural gas.

It will be installed in the Arjowiggins cogeneration plant at Bessé-sur-Braye in France. Arjowiggins is the world’s leading manufacturer of creative and technical papers. This unit will replace the previous one dating back to 1999, which was dismantled at the beginning of the year, and will make for cleaner and more economical operations.

This imposing boiler will generate 90 tonnes per hour of saturated steam at 15 barg in post-combustion mode and 80 tonnes per hour of saturated steam at 15 barg in fresh-air mode for the paper-manufacturing process. It is set to optimise performance and achieve consistency with the company’s environmental policies.

A 32-metre long, 6.75 m high and 4.50 m wide abnormal load was on the road for two weeks, negotiating many obstacles on the way: roundabouts, overhead power lines, narrow bridges, among others.

Having arrived safely in early July, around four months will be required for installation and commissioning.

It is a major first, since it is the largest and most powerful fire-tube boiler ever to come out of the STEIN ENERGY facilities.


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