AIT-STEIN GROUP aims to reduce environmental footprint

Rueil-Malmaison, 03 april 2019

AIT-STEIN GROUP has been awarded a new contract for the design, manufacture and delivery of two oil boilers and two heat recuperators for a future sludge water treatment and recovery plant in Romania.

AIT-STEIN GROUP oil boiler

AIT-STEIN GROUP heat recuperator


Romania, as a member state of the EU, must attain specific objectives regarding waste and water management (recycling, drinking water quality, wastewater collection). To this end, European funds and co-financing loans are mobilised to improve waste and water management, including the modernisation of wastewater treatment plants and the construction of this future water treatment with energy recovery.

The WWTP will be rehabilitated to provide sanitation services for the equivalent of more than 2 million inhabitants. Sludge from wastewater treatment will be transported to the future energy recovery plant where AIT-STEIN GROUP equipment will soon be installed. It will be equipped with two processing lines, making it possible to derive value from the sludge by drying it and producing electricity from it.

This new project gives AIT-STEIN GROUP a leading position in Eastern Europe and in this country with strong development potential.


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