AIT-STEIN GROUP wins a new contract for the design, manufacture and supply of a cement works boiler (furnace and clinker cooler)

Rueil-Malmaison, 21 december 2017

AIR INDUSTRIE THERMIQUE, the group’s parent company, has won a contract for the design, manufacture and supply of a new cement works boiler. This unit will make it possible to recover the calories from gases emitted by a furnace and clinker cooler at an Italian cement works and will be coupled with a turbine to produce electricity.

The 15 MW boiler will preheat, vaporize and superheat an organic fluid that will directly feed an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) turbine. This direct exchange cement works boiler is a world first.

The machine, consisting of 5 modular blocks, was delivered successfully in November 2017 in readiness for its commissioning, which is scheduled for early 2018.

The 5 blocks are currently being assembled on site, and will constitute a single machine weighing nearly 300 tonnes and measuring around 35m in height.

AIR INDUSTRIE THERMIQUE’s know-how and numerous references in the cement industry enable us to help our customers optimise their energy recovery operations.

This project therefore marks an additional step in the development of our customers’ untapped resources to optimise their processes and reduce their operating costs.

AIT-STEIN GROUP Leader in Energy Customized Solutions innovates to develop your energy sources through expert and environmentally-friendly solutions.



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