A new Heat Recovery Steam Boiler leaves the STEIN ENERGY workshops

Rueil-Malmaison, 27 july 2018

A thirty-metre oversize load has left the STEIN ENERGY company workshops in Cernay, subsidiary of the AIT-STEIN group specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of industrial boilers.  

The group, leader in Energy Customized Solutions, was awarded a contract for the design, manufacture and delivery of a mixed gas tube boiler.

It will be installed on the site of one of the largest oxygenated water manufacturing plants in the world and will have the capacity to produce 40 tonnes/h of steam superheated to 20 bars and 260°C, while also recovering the heat from the fumes from the gas turbine to produce chemical intermediates used in the paper, textile and detergent industry.

This HRS boiler, weighing 110 tonnes was delivered successfully. The assembly phase lasting approximately 8 weeks started on June 25th and will be followed by the commissioning phase that should last for about 2 months.

AIT-STEIN GROUP boiler: 20 metres long, 4,8 metres tall and 4,7 metres wide.


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