The AIT Group : A contract for three new boilers installed downstream of gas and diesel motors

Rueil-Malmaison, October 19, 2015

Thanks to our capacity for innovation and thermal conception, the AIT Group has won a new contract for the supply of a recuperation system to convert gas and diesel motor waste gas energy into electricity.

The boilers designed by AIT will allow the production of steam from cyclopentane, which will feed directly into an Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC) System for the production of electricity. The principle of direct exchange with the working fluid of the ORC system not only eliminates the investment in intermediary fluids (water, steam, thermal oil) and associated equipment, but also clearly increases the yield of the installation. The electricity production of the overall installation will be increased by a nominal 3.4MWh which represents a gain of approximately 10% in relation to the motor capacity.

This new installation reinforces the AIT Group in its position as the European leader in the market of motor waste heat recovery boilers.


Dampfkessel 02L


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