AIT-STEIN GROUP & The “étoile verte”: urban integration project for the Saint-Ouen incineration plant

Rueil-Malmaison, 25 april 2019

Today the Syctom incineration centre with energy recovery in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine is at the centre of an ambitious project aiming to optimise flue gas treatment and modernise the structural architecture of the industrial site. The site is equipped with three processing lines, renovated one after the other.

Close to 200 M€ will be invested to transform this incineration plant and several professionals are implicated. In addition to improving gas flue treatment, the aim is also to optimise energy efficiency in one of the largest incineration plants in France.

AIR INDUSTRIE THERMIQUE and COMECO, subsidiaries of the group, are involved at several levels of the project and are optimising the efficiency of the plant. Equipment supply and the implementation of a new regulation of incineration flue gas temperatures for dry processing will reduce the plume at the chimney outlet while considerably increasing the site’s energy production. This energy will heat the equivalent of more than 100,000 homes.

One of the many challenges faced by the group is to renovate the installation on time, in a confined environment while maintaining the site in operation. This result is the fruit of successful synergy with all those involved; project management, operator and owner.


Urban integration project

The « Etoile verte » was built in 1990 in an industrial district and today it is at the centre of an eco-neighbourhood consisting of housing and offices: the Saint-Ouen Docks.

It receives non-recyclable household waste from 17 municipalities in the northern suburbs of Paris.

Now that this plant is at the heart of new housing, its overall appearance will be enhanced by metal structures and green terraces. Work has also been launched to reduce unpleasant odours, a recurring complaint from residents.

Key figures:
  • 1,45 million people served
  • 600 000t incinerated each year 
  • 120 000 households heated 


Below you will find a link to a video excerpt “Behind the scenes at the Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine centre” via the Syctom website.


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