The AIT Group has won a contract for the replacement of a heat recuperator.

Rueil-Malmaison, September 09, 2015

The waste water treatment specialists in charge of running the waste water treatment plant in Strasbourg have entrusted AIT with the task of replacing a heat recuperator.  This exchanger is located downstream of a sludge incineration furnace and is designed to recover a part of the flue gas enthalpy to preheat the combustion air and thus reduce auxiliary energy consumption.

Thanks to our team of heat engineers and our design offices, the AIT Group was able to propose equipment capable of handling both the thermal capacities of the original installation, as well as the projected sludge characteristics resulting from a future plant upgrade. This company is currently installing a new hydraulic press which will improve their sludge dryness. Together, these investments will significantly improve the plant’s energy efficiency.



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