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European leader of industrial boilers

In June 2015, the STEIN ENERGY group, European leader of water tube and fire tube boilers and manufacturer of industrial boilers for all fuel types, became part of the AIT-STEIN GROUP. STEIN ENERGY’s head office and plant are in CERNAY (Alsace, France). The company has installed more than 7,000 industrial boilers throughout the world.

The AIT-STEIN GROUP strives to supply its customers with a range of robust, flexible boilers, integrating the most advanced technology, in particular E.L.V. (Emission Value Limit).

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Our strength lies in our focus on quality by using specialised, competent services and high performance production workshops.

Our aim is to allow you to produce high quality steam or hot water according to your needs, at the most competitive cost price in the most cost-efficient way, in an environmentally responsible manner.

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