Delivery and assembly of the ORC turbine in South-Eastern France

Rueil-Malmaison, 21 November 2017

Following the contract won by the AIT-STEIN GROUP last March, for the renovation and modernisation of the Waste Water Treatment Station facilities, the group successfully installed the skid-steer ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) which will be used to generate electricity.

This innovative station will recover the heat from the sludge incinerators to produce electricity and reinject it into the site.

A special convoy travelled through the night to transport this imposing skid-steer (12m long, 5.5m wide, with a total weight of 38 tonnes).

Two cranes, of 160 and 80 tonnes respectively, were used to perform the installation.

This is the start of the on-site installation phase, which will be followed by the commissioning and electricity generation phases.



The link below contains a video clip of the installation:


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