AIT-STEIN GROUP supports energy transformation of the household waste incineration plant in Sausheim

Rueil-Malmaison, 10 april 2019

The Sausheim EFW plant has been the scene of spectacular work with the implementation of a waste heat recovery loop manufactured by AIT-STEIN GROUP to recover and optimise the energy from two household waste incineration lines.

This recovery loop includes: two economisers (one per line), four heat exchangers including two air heaters (one per line), a complete superheated water loop, electricity and control.

In addition to electricity production, this plant produces “green heat” via waste combustion, in the form of steam in order to allow the manufacturer “Papeterie du Rhin” to cover its steam requirements and thus avoid CO2 emission.

The Sausheim site groups together the household waste incineration plant, the wastewater treatment plant and the new biogas plant expected to open in mid-2020.

This project is part of the energy transition of the Mulhouse conurbation. It will transform waste from the urban area into energy resources for urban transport and fertiliser for local agriculture.

AIT-STEIN GROUP would like to congratulate the whole team for their involvement and their skill and for finishing this installation in record time.


A delicate operation: the economisers, made up of 3 blocks of 11 tonnes each, i.e. a total of 33 tonnes per economiser, were lifted by a 400-tonne crane and installed via the opened roof of the building.


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